Coronavirus (COVID-19): infection control and prevention measures

This Special Collection is one of two collections on COVID-19, and it focuses on infection control and prevention measures. See also the companion Special Collection: Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to critical care.

The 2019 Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) was declared a global Public Health Emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 30th January 2020.

In order to ensure immediate access to Cochrane Reviews of potential relevance, this Cochrane Library Special Collection assembles Cochrane Reviews identified as most directly relevant to the prevention of infection. It includes reviews that evaluate the effects of interventions referenced in the WHO interim guidance for the 2019 coronavirus outbreak (28 January 2020), as well as other potentially relevant reviews from three Cochrane Networks:  Cochrane Public Health and Health Systems; Cochrane Musculoskeletal, Oral, Skin and Sensory; and Cochrane Acute and Emergency Care. Many reviews in this collection have associated Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs), with links provided.

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This Special Collection was developed by Lisa Bero (Senior Editor, Public Health and Health Systems), working with Toby Lasserson (Deputy Editor in Chief), Newton Opiyo (Associate Editor), Robin Featherstone (Information Specialist), and Monaz Mehta (Editor) in the Cochrane Editorial & Methods Department. Colleagues from the Public Health and Health Systems Network, Cochrane China Network, Cochrane Wounds, and Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections Groups also provided input on the selection of reviews for this Special Collection.