The Hong Kong Branch of the Chinese Cochrane Centre is a member of the World Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization whose mission is to help people make well-informed decisions about clinical practice and healthcare provision by preparing, maintaining and promoting the accessibility of the best scientific evidence about the effects of healthcare interventions. The work of the Cochrane Collaboration is pivotal to the efficient practice of evidence-based medicine in the 21st century.

The Hong Kong Branch established in 2002 works closely with the Oxford University Center for Evidence-Based Medicine and Peking University Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

The Hong Kong Cochrane Branch shares the vision and mission of the newly established UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in providing patients, health professionals and the public with a resource center for authoritative, robust and reliable evidence for current best medical practice and healthcare provision.

The Hong Kong Cochrane Branch is also an official centre in the Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and part of the School of Public Health, and supports the faculty in research and service in the areas of systematic reviews, identifying and evaluating clinical evidence, and critical appraisal skills for evidence-based clinical practice and healthcare decision making.

Jin-Ling TANG MD PhD
Professor and Director