• Summarizing and disseminating research evidence to promote evidence-based medicine¬† and improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare.


  • To support the efforts of individuals and organizations to identify and evaluate research required for evidence-based clinical practice and healthcare decision making;
  • To serve as a resources center for evidence-based medicine, evidence-based healthcare policy making, clinical evidence, systematic reviews, meta-analysis and clinical research;
  • To train and support the use and conduct of Cochrane systematic reviews and meta-analyses;
  • To conduct research for improving the quality of Cochrane systematic reviews and meta-analyses;
  • To support and complement the activities undertaken by the Chinese Cochrane Centre;
  • To effectively link local activities in evidence-based medicine and those related the World Cochrane Collaboration to the international effort;
  • To promote the role of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in clinical research and evidence-based medicine in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide.