The Branch offers three major services to local health authorities, medical institutions, individual physicians, and the public as well the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong:

  • Conducting Cochrane Reviews, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
    To provide consultation and assistance in conducting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses by the criteria of the World Cochrane Collaboration and major medical journals such as JAMA, BMJ and Lancet. The service includes identification of topics, literature search, data extraction, data analysis, and report writing (in particular for the structured abstract, methods and results)
  • Searching and Evaluating Clinical Evidence
    To help decision makers, clinicians and relevant organizations identify and evaluate research evidence about diagnosis, therapy, prevention, screening, prognosis, harm, systemic reviews and clinical practice guidelines. This service is particularly useful for those who wish to produce clinical guidelines and practice evidence-based medicine and evidence-based healthcare decision making.
  • Providing Training Courses
    To design and deliver training courses related to evidence-based medicine, clinical research, systemic reviews, and meta-analyses.